Houdetsi Festival is focused about assisting you to achieve excellence. Whether your goal is to run farther, feel stronger, or improve your health, we have all the resources you need. We have everything, from superior sports nutrition to fitness applications that top the charts.

Background Information

Our sports nutrition products are not only delicious, but also highly effective. Houdetsi Festival will enlighten, motivate, and assist you every step of the road, regardless of whether you are an expert athlete or a novice.

You put in the effort, and we’ll give you everything you desire: a physique you can be proud of, a fresh enthusiasm for fitness, and a renewed zeal for life. We believe in you. Now get training and make it happen.

Meet the coaches

Ryan Rodriguez

Registered Dietitian

Lydia Watkins

Personal Trainer REPS L3

Shawn Stewart

Medical Doctor

Hannah Gomez