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8 Weeks Challange

Have you got what it takes

How our approach helps you lose and maintain weight

8 Weeks ChallangeTM is our most individualised programme to date; there are no two programmes that are identical to one another! Yours will be tailored to meet your unique needs in order to achieve your desired level of weight reduction while allowing you to continue enjoying the foods and activities that are important to you. https://backyardleisureguys.com/

Our new plan makes weight loss simpler

A strategy that is unique to you and created alone by you

Since no two persons are exactly the same, no two strategies can be exactly the same either. After you sign up for Houdetsi Festival, we will use our 8 Weeks ChallangeTM Engine to ask you a number of questions, after which we will construct your one-of-a-kind 8 Weeks ChallangeTM Budget and your own individualised 8 Weeks ChallangeTM food list.

Track, eat, add, repeat!

Because our approach makes it simpler and more rewarding to make healthy choices, doing so now seems more like a party than like labour. You now have the ability, for the very first time in the history of the Houdetsi Festival, to increase your Budget rather than simply watch it decrease. You may gain points by staying active, drinking water, and eating vegetables that aren’t starchy.

Weight Loss Programmes

We’ve worked hard to put together a variety of options that are sure to fit your needs, both financially and otherwise. Simply schedule an appointment with one of our weight reduction doctors or nutritionists, and you’ll receive a personalised evaluation, a customised programme, and on-going assistance from the experts.

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